"Nana Clark hit her with a club"- New details revealing how Asor was k!lled emerges.

“Nana Clark hit her with a club”- New details revealing how Asor was k!lled emerges.

New information is emerging regarding the heinous manner in which two guys carried out the murder of a lady in Ghana’s Central Region at Mankessim. The victim was 25 years old.

Nana Onyaa Clark, the Tufuhene of Akwakrom, is now facing murder charges together with Michael Darko, a fiancé of the deceased lady’s sister.

The body of Georgina Asor Botchwey was discovered at the residence of Nana Onyaa Clark.

It is reported that Darko, who lives in Kumasi, made a request to meet up with Georgina when she was in Ankafu for an admission interview at the Ankarful Nursing Training School. Georgina was traveling there from Yeji.

On September 9, 2022, after Georgina had finished her interview, Darko and Nana Clark drove up in a taxicab to pick her up and take her to their destination.

After that, they made their way to the location where the chief had left his Mercedes Benz, which bore the license plate number GT 8686 C.

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The two then took the woman to Nana Clark’s apartment in Akwakrom, where they turned off her phone and locked her in a single room for the rest of their stay.

They later traveled to Sikafoambantem, another suburb of Mankessim, where the chief had another structure, and dug a hole in the building while it was still in the process of being constructed.

After that, they turned around and returned to Akwakrom Sikafoambantem to retrieve their victim. The young woman is then alleged to have been struck with a club by Nana Clark, while Darko held her by the neck until she passed away.

After shaving her, they then buried her in the hole that they had excavated earlier.

This new report gives details about the suspects who have said they killed the victim for ritualistic reasons. It also shows how the suspects carried out their plan to kill the victim.

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On Tuesday, October 4, 2022, the suspects who have been remanded in custody are scheduled to make their next court appearance.

They are accused of committing a crime, more specifically murder, in violation of section 46 of the Criminal and Offences Acts 1980, Act 29.