Nadia Buari throws shade at Yvonne Nelson, remarking “You have been cut and discarded.”


– Backlash faced by Yvonne for exposing men who took advantage of her, including Sarkodie
– Nadia Buari’s TikTok video and its interpretation as a dig at Sarkodie
– Nadia questioning Yvonne’s timing and intentions
– Implied criticism towards Yvonne’s choices and Sarkodie’s refusal to leave his wife
– Sarkodie referring to Yvonne as a “whore”
– Ongoing social media frenzy surrounding the issue

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In her recently published book, Nadia Buari appears to have expressed her perspective on the controversy surrounding Yvonne Nelson and Sarkodie’s past relationship and the alleged abortion

Yvonne has faced significant backlash for exposing men who took advantage of her, including popular musician Sarkodie. She accused him of getting her pregnant and pressuring her to have an abortion.

Recently, popular actress Nadia Buari shared a TikTok video where she and her daughter re-enacted a movie scene. In the scene, one character questions if a married man would leave his wife for a side-chick. Many viewers interpreted this as a subtle dig at Sarkodie.

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Nadia also seemed to question why Yvonne is speaking out now, after 13 years, and what she hopes to gain from it. Although Nadia didn’t mention Yvonne directly, the timing of the video suggests a reaction to the ongoing social media frenzy surrounding Yvonne’s revelations.

It is believed that Nadia’s video implies criticism towards Yvonne’s choices and suggests that she should have known Sarkodie would never marry her. Some even argue that Yvonne should have made better choices in her relationships. However, it is now too late, as Sarkodie has made it clear that he has no intention of leaving his wife for Yvonne. In fact, he referred to her as a “whore” for allegedly sleeping with multiple men in search of love.

The ongoing social media frenzy surrounding this issue highlights the intense interest and opinions of the public. People are divided, with some supporting Yvonne’s decision to expose those who took advantage of her, while others criticize her and question her motivations. This issue has sparked debates and discussions across various platforms.

The backlash faced by Yvonne for exposing men who took advantage of her, including Sarkodie, continues to stir controversy and draw strong reactions from both supporters and critics. Nadia Buari’s TikTok video added fuel to the fire, raising questions about Yvonne’s timing and intentions. The ongoing social media frenzy surrounding this issue reflects the public’s deep interest and diverse opinions. It remains to be seen how this situation will unfold and whether it will have any lasting impact on the individuals involved.

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