MzBel flaunts her newly born daughter (watch video)

– Introduction: Mzbel delivers a baby girl
– Mzbel’s pregnancy announcement
– Fans speculate about the baby’s father
– Mzbel’s history of keeping her love life private



Veteran Ghanaian singer Mzbel has surprised her fans by announcing the arrival of her baby girl on TikTok. The ’16 years’ hitmaker, who is now 43 years old, shared glimpses of her beautiful daughter and the birthing process on social media.

Just a few weeks ago, Mzbel shared photos of herself on social media showing off her heavily pregnant belly. Fans were shocked by the news as there had been no prior indication of her pregnancy. She captioned a recent Instagram post with “An adventure is about to begin” which has since garnered over 2000 comments.

Some fans are already curious about the identity of the baby’s father as Mzbel has not revealed any information about him. However, the singer has made it clear that she prefers to keep her love life private. “We are keeping our husband on the low. For this, I will never enter!” said one fan.

This is not the first time Mzbel has kept the father of her child a secret. Her first son, Aaron, who is now around 10 years old, was also born to a mystery man. Despite rumors and speculations, Mzbel has never confirmed the identity of Aaron’s father.

In conclusion, Mzbel’s surprise announcement of her baby girl has left fans thrilled and curious about the father’s identity. However, Mzbel has always kept her love life private and is unlikely to reveal any details about the baby’s father anytime soon.


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