"My Vg!na is anointed, it heals infertility in men" – Pastor Veronica

“My Vg!na is anointed, it heals infertility in men” – Pastor Veronica

Nigerian women of God, Pastor Mrs. Veronica is rumored to have stated that she possesses an anointed Vg!na that cures male infertility.

It is alleged that the leader of the Life of Faith and Prosperity Ministry in Asaba, which is located in Delta State, made this comment while the congregation was in worship.

It is alleged that she said this in an effort to provide a remedy to males who were struggling with infertility.

According to a story that came out of Asaba, Pastor Mrs. Veronica claimed that her mission in life is to solve the issue of infertility and that a man will be cured of the condition if he sleeps with her and his manhood comes into contact with her fluid.

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She then allegedly went on to read out her personal phone number for them to call her and told them that they can chose whether or not to believe her.