My Teacher Forced Me And Slept With Me In His House – Student Reveals

My Teacher Forced Me And Slept With Me In His House – Student Reveals

A lady identified as Rhoda has disclosed that eight years ago, when she went to the house of her teacher, he sexually assaulted her and forced her to sleep with him.

Rhoda claims that at the time she was living with her single mother, who was having trouble making ends meet and finding it difficult to take care of her daughter. As a result of this, she was lacking a lot of things in her school at the time.

Years ago, one of her teachers proposed to her and promised to cater for her when she was in class 6. Despite the challenges she was facing at the time, she chose to date him because he had promised to provide for her.

Rhoda stated that she dated the teacher until she was in her second year of high school, but he ended the relationship and married someone else, claiming that he could not marry a student. Rhoda continued to date the teacher until she graduated from high school.

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Despite continuing difficulties, she is unable to pay the required registration fee. Additionally, the science instructor provided financial assistance to the student, and he even requested that she wash his clothes on the weekends.

After she had finished washing his clothes at his house, the science teacher forced her to have sexual relations with him eight years ago. Rhoda continued by saying that after this incident, the teacher took care of her, but her ex-boyfriend came to her and begged her for forgiveness, and she gave in to his pleadings and slept with him. Rhoda also mentioned that she accepted his pleadings and slept with him. After she discovered she was pregnant, the science instructor not only refused to acknowledge the pregnancy but also coerced her into terminating the pregnancy.

The woman stated that after her mother informed the school authorities about the pregnancy, the science teacher was forced to take responsibility for the pregnancy and was demoted as a result.

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Even though the science teacher obeyed the authorities’ orders to care for the child, he stopped doing so when the child was three years old. She has been the one to look after the child up until the present day. Rhoda has expressed that she is unable to continue caring for their son, and as a result, she has requested that the teacher take on this duty.

My Teacher Forced Me And Slept With Me In His House – Student Reveals