"My son in SHS called me to cry that his mates are making fun of him because of what I said"- Kofi Adoma

“My son in SHS called me to cry that his mates are making fun of him because of what I said”- Kofi Adoma

Kofi Adomah Nwanwanii is now feeling the impact that his recent outburst is having on his family, specifically on his wife and son, who is a senior in high school.

The broadcaster revealed that his first son with Miracle Adoma, who is currently in his final year of Senior High School, has been experiencing grief as a result of recent admissions that he made on the radio.

The host of the morning show on Angel FM revealed that his son called him to protest that his friends were making fun of him because of his father’s recent breakdown on live radio and some admissions that were made about their family.

According to the account provided by the boy’s father, the young boy has been sobbing and is unable to concentrate on his schoolwork in order to complete the final paper he is required to write because his classmates are making fun of him and discussing their familiarity with the family’s problems that have been publicized on the internet.

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“…my son who is in SHS final year called me today crying and asking me ‘daddy what is happening? I am about to write my paper, why are they putting all these things out there?’

Kofi Adoma explained that rather than apologizing to his kid for making a mistake, he informed the young child that he should learn to deal with it because it is part and parcel of the job that his father does.

“I told him that it is something that comes with the job I do; that is why the last time you were celebrating your birthday, I decided not to show your face…,” he stated.

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Kofi Adomah begged in the video that his family, specifically his wife and son, not be made to suffer for his ignorance. He said that he does not care if other people on social media make fun of him for his actions.