“My son got a scholarship to study abroad”- k!lled KNUST student’s mother cries

The murdered KNUST student’s mother has spoken out about her son’s death.
Nana Gyamfi’s mother, sobbed as she spoke about her son and the killer.

He feeds the youngster who killed her son, according to the mom, so while knowing him as a bad guy, she never believed he could do this.

The youngster is known to have stolen the deceased sister’s phone, so when he began to get close to her, his mother told him not let him.

He claimed to the mother that he had changed for the better, only to k!ll her son in the afternoon due to his iPhone.

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While speaking about her kid and how he recently received a scholarship to study overseas, the mother couldn’t hold back her tears.

Because an unethical friend envied him and wanted to avoid paying a 300 cedis debt and steal his iPhone, the 21-year-old biological science student is no longer alive.