“My roommate, who advised me to leave my parents’ house, is now pleading with me to ask my mother for food.” -Man Cries

A Nigerian man told a story about how a friend advised him to move out of his parent’s house for his own good, but it did not go as planned.

According to the man known on Twitter as @alinwakingsley, his friend advised him to leave his comfort zone and move into his place if he truly wanted to succeed.

But, recently, the same friend, who is now his roommate, urged him to go home and get food from his mother.

The young man posted a photo of them in their room with the caption:

”My guy told me to leave my parents house and move in with him, that if I really want to succeed, I should leave my comfort zone. Now he dey beg me make I go my mama house collect foodstuffs for us.”