“My parents are in America. They will sponsor you if you are my boyfriend.”- Dbee lady reveals

A viral video on a YouTube channel during an interview with a Ghanaian-American lady stated that  If you are her lover, her parents will do anything for you.

Normally, she does not approach men, but if a man approaches her and she is interested in you, you do not need to worry since everything will be taken care of.

She also stated that you do not need to be concerned if you are not financially stable; she is willing to support and assist you if you are not working.

Life is not always as smooth as we imagine it to be. Having a spouse who is financially solid might help you become financially stable as well.

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She also stated that she will take care of you, treat you as if you were her own, and provide you with whatever you require. She also provided her Snapchat and Instagram handles for people who want to send her a message.