"My mother's Ghost sent me Ghs 14,000 after praying with Alpha Hour"- Lady shares her testimony

“My mother’s Ghost sent me Ghs 14,000 after praying with Alpha Hour”- Lady shares her testimony

After joining Alpha Hour to pray, a Ghanaian woman revealed how her mother’s Ghost sent her GH14,000 via mobile money.

The woman, Naa Adoley Jeffanet, revealed her story and screenshots of her momo transaction on Facebook this morning.

Last Friday, she wrote on Facebook that she was depressed because she was on the verge of bankruptcy and unable to finish a project she had started.

She was depressed and had given up on the idea because no one she asked for financial assistance could help.

On the night of Alpha Hour, her friend tagged her on Facebook and she decided to join in the prayer.

Ten minutes of prayer and sleep, Naa Adoley claims.

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On Saturday, she woke up, washed her clothing, bathed, and ate and slept.

A momo transaction totaling GH14,000 was the only thing she saw when she got her phone out.

She went to the MTN office in Darkuman to see whether there had been a mistake in the transaction and to find out where the money came from.

To make matters worse, when they reached out to the person who sent the money, he claimed that her mother had instructed him to send the money.

She was already terrified by his words when he mentioned her mother.

She made the decision to cash out at that point, although she was limited to a daily withdrawal of GH5,000.

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She took another GH5,000 the following day, a Sunday, and the remainder this morning.