My mother has chopped almost all the men in our area – 19-year-old boy cries

A 19-year-old kid is in a difficult situation as a result of a recent discovery he made regarding his biological mother, whom he believes is sleeping with a man.

According to a report seen on, the young man said that whenever he walked around his neighborhood, he received strange stares.

He claimed that it had become so common that he decided to ask one of his male friends why he received such treatment in public.

The young man stated that it was only after he inquired that he was informed that his mother was in the business of sleeping with males in the neighborhood.

He said that he did not believe it at first, but was persuaded after a friend verified the tale and he began following his mother’s activities.

Because of the humiliation, his mother is inflicting upon him, the young man wants to leave the house and travel elsewhere.

He did say that his mother was planning to move into a larger apartment and was supporting the purchase of a car.

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he wrote;

“Please I want to be hidden. I am 19 and the first son of my single mom, I think my mum is about 40 or so. She has 3 of us and we all live in a one-room self-contained apartment while my mum sells in a small shop in a big market”.

“I am 19 but I am not blind, I am not too young to notice what my mum is doing. She is so smart that she doesn’t allow any of us to see what she does but I know she is not clean… Everybody on my street is talking about her, even when I walk on the street, people look at me somehow”.

“One day I asked some of my male friends on the street what exactly is happening, it was when they opened up to me that they do see my mum in their compounds on several occasions. One of them said even his elder brother has several times sent him out of the house to go and relax outside because my mum came around”.

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“Since then, I started trailing her movement, and then I realized that they were saying the truth. Almost every guy on our street has slept with my mum, even old men that are close to their graves. It’s so shameful and disgusting”.

“The problem now is that I don’t even know how to confront her or who to report her to, we stopped going to church and even stopped visiting family members. Instead, she is making plans for us to move to a Big flat soon and even talking about buying a car”.

“My mum is bringing shame to me and making me ashamed of moving around in public. Right now, I feel like running away from home and going anywhere to live my life away from her,” he said as quoted

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