My mother didn't believe me until she saw me on TV - Black Sherif Reveals (Video)

My mother didn’t believe me until she saw me on TV – Black Sherif Reveals (Video)

Black Sherif continues to amass accomplishments in the music industry. His new album, “The Villain I Never Was,” has recently surpassed 100 million streams on Boom Play.

His popularity has prompted Twitter, the world’s largest social media platform, to conduct an interview with him in which he explains some of the thoughts behind some of his tweets.

During the interview, he revealed that, despite the fact that many people regard him as a tough guy or a “gangster,” he actually cries a lot. He goes on to say that he, too, is human and that he is more sensitive than the average person. He reveals that he frequently weeps because it soothes his soul.

Black Sherif went on to say that he used to sing a lot when he was younger. He goes on to say that he also wanted to rap, but realized he was too late to compete in that industry. He adds that because he enjoys rap, he incorporates it into his singing and thus creates more melodic raps rather than focusing solely on one genre.

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He concluded the interview by saying that when he started, his mother always doubted him and preferred that he pursue his education. However, after seeing Black Sherif on TV for the first time, she began to warm up to the concept. Black Sherif says she called him after seeing his first television appearance and could hear her cry.

Black Sherif also revealed that his debut album cost him a lot of opportunities. He goes on to say that he had to cancel shows in Europe and tours all over the world in order to focus on creating his work of art.

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Watch his video below;