“My mom requested that I sacrifice my younger brother in order to make money.” – Sakawa boy confesses

Afeez Olalere, 32, was arrested by the operation team of the Lagos State Police Command for using his brother for money rituals.

“My mother went me to a herbalist who informed me that if I want to be successful in the yahoo industry, I would have to sacrifice a life, and that person must be a sibling to me,” he revealed.

He would need his thumbs, hair, fingers, and a passport photograph to construct a mixture.

So we went back home and discussed it, and my mother suggested we utilize my younger brother, who is just 21 years old.

She also brought the poison, which we gave him to consume; he died within 20 minutes of eating it.

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I was the one who took off the necessary bodily pieces. We then covered his corpse in cloth and took him to the morgue.

Nemesis arrested them during a search and rescue operation at Itamaga Ikorudu in Lagos State.