“My husband listened to people’s bad advice and left the kids and I” – woman cries

A woman with the name Angelique Mukabera claimed she has struggled since her husband abandoned her and their children. Angelique’s disability made raising her children difficult. Nobody will hire her, yet she did her best to raise her children.

Angelique was 9 when she got disabled. Her parents took her to the hospital and tried all they could to help her get better, but she was unable to walk again. She grew up and owing to his disabilities, she never thought she would marry anybody.

She found a man who proposed, she accepted, and they had four children. Her neighbors teased her husband for marrying a crippled lady. After ignoring them for a while, he finally agreed with them and left, never returning home.

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Angelique has since been left with no choice but to take the children to the roadside to beg for money to feed them. Her husband lived nearby but make little effort to assist her in raising the children. 

When her kids had to go to school, she couldn’t afford their fees. Her eldest daughter began selling tomatoes to assist her siblings to attend school.

The youngster claimed she wants to return to school but for the hardships. Angelique claimed she will never forgive her husband for abandoning them.