"My husband is rich, handsome and god fearing"- Tracey Boakye

“My husband is rich, handsome and god fearing”- Tracey Boakye

Tracey Boakye, an actress and filmmaker, has returned to add salt to the wounds of those who have been critical of her in the wake of the recent Papa No scandal, which reared its ugly head in the life of Tracey Boakye’s ostensibly glamorous life shortly after she got married.

Tracey published a new post while she was on her lavish honeymoon in the United Arab Emirates. In it, she gushed about how handsome and devout her new husband is.

This may have been an indirect jab at the viral reports that stated that her mystery sponsor, Papa No, had kicked her out of the East Legon mansion that she had always claimed to be hers.

The woman who is now a mother of two and who wed her high school sweetheart, Frank Badu Ntiamoah on July 28 furthered that she has everything at the age of 31, which is why certain individuals who are being “busy bodies” don’t want to get off her back.

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Young, Rich and Smart. When God blesses you with everything; beautiful kids, good health, God-fearing husband @badufrank, Money, Houses, Cars, natural body, handsome husband, etc…at 31years, this is how you live your life. Ma, she posted.

Several days ago, various internet media reported that Tracey Boakye, who is now known as Mrs. Tracey Badu Ntiamoah, had been evicted from the luxurious property in East Legon that she had always claimed belonged to her.

Bloggers asserted that Tracey was kicked out of the house because, despite all of the benefits she was extracting from the famous Papa No, she still went ahead and married Frank Badu Ntiamoah.

Tracey, on the other hand, responded by posting a snapshot on her Instagram Stories showing her holding wads of dollar bills.

She claimed that the bills had been given to her by a potential tenant while she was having fun in the bedroom with her husband.

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She gave the idea that all she did was move out of the place and rent it to someone else, and the money that she flaunted was the money that she had received as a result of the transaction.

"My husband is rich, handsome and god fearing"- Tracey Boakye