“My Husband Is Lazy In Bed”- Woman Caught Sleeping With Gate-Man Reveals

Halima, a mother of one, has filed for divorce because she is unhappy with their relationship.

According to the news. They’ve been married for three years, but she claims she was happy in her marriage at first, but her spouse changed and began cheating on her.

“One day, I saw him making out with one of our housekeepers, and he took me for a fool, claiming he was recovering her after she collapsed while working,” she recalls. Maina lost his job after the maid was fired, and Halima, the wife, has been caring for their son since Maina has been loitering in the house.

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In his defense, the husband reveals that he is a partner in a hotel business with a friend, where he earns approximately $5,500 per month.

He also stated that he speaks with the business during the day and leaves the child with the gate-man.

Halima is surprised because he considers Maina ineffective.

Halima, on the other hand, is eager to divorce because she accuses Maina of being sluggish in bed and failing to meet her expectations.

Maina is also disclosed not to be the biological father of the child he has been caring for all of this time. As a result, Halima is granted full custody of the child because she is the mother.

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‘She’s cheating on me with our gate-man, but she’s trying to hide it so she can embarrass me in front of others,’ the husband went on.