My husband forced me to be sleeping with a snake for his business to flourish – Wife cries out

– Juliet Murwira recounts a bizarre and terrifying ritual involving a snake that made her flee her matrimonial home.
– Juliet’s husband used her in a ritual to enhance the prosperity of his business, Ngoshi Transport.
– Juliet reveals that her husband has multiple wives and over 50 children.
– Kennedy Mungoshi, Juliet’s husband, questions why she remained silent for over two decades about these rituals.
– Mungoshi expresses shock at Juliet’s departure and learns about it from neighborhood gossip.

A Terrifying Ritual with a Snake Forces a Woman to Flee from Her Matrimonial Home

Can you imagine a ritual involving a snake that is not only bizarre but also terrifying? Well, for Juliet Murwira, a 45-year-old woman, this nightmare became a reality. In a recent interview with H-Metro, Juliet bravely recounted the harrowing experience that made her flee from her matrimonial home.

It all started when Juliet’s husband, Kennedy Mungoshi, decided to perform a ritual to enhance the prosperity of his business, Ngoshi Transport. Little did Juliet know that she would become a pawn in this strange and frightening ceremony. As the ritual unfolded, she found herself in the presence of a snake, a creature that sparked fear and panic within her.

To make matters worse, Juliet’s husband is not your average man. With multiple wives and over 50 children, his polygamous lifestyle adds a layer of complexity to this already disturbing tale. How could a husband subject his wife to such a terrifying ordeal? This question lingers in the air, leaving us perplexed and horrified.

When confronted with these shocking allegations, Mungoshi seemed taken aback. He questioned why Juliet had remained silent about these rituals for over two decades. It is indeed puzzling that she had endured this nightmare for so long without speaking up. Perhaps fear and a sense of powerlessness kept her trapped in this hellish situation.

“I have been married to Juliet for more than 20 years, how come she kept quiet for all those years that she had been sleeping with a snake? She is just trying to run away from the fact that she had been sleeping with Richmore Matambanadzo, who is based in the United Kingdom.

“I am not saying this because I want her back, but l want the world to know what Juliet did to me.”

The revelation of Juliet’s departure came as a shock to Mungoshi. Instead of hearing it from his wife directly, he learned about it through neighborhood gossip. The news must have hit him like a thunderbolt, leaving him questioning his actions and the impact they had on his marriage.


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