“My husband always gets promoted at work, he has doesn’t know sleep with his boss.”- Woman reveals

One woman, on the other hand, has stunned the internet by revealing why she is so overjoyed when her hubby receives another promotion at work.

The wife revealed her darkest secret on Fesshole, a popular Twitter platform where people anonymously reveal their darkest secrets.

She admitted to the website that her husband keeps getting promoted because she has sex with his boss.

“My husband has had multiple promotions at work, and he believes it is because he has worked hard for them,” the lady explained.

“I’ve been fking his boss for a few years now.” His promotions require more time away from home, which means I can continue to fk his boss.” Many others were surprised by the woman’s actions, with one remarking, “You sound nice.” “She’s a keeper, she’s a keeper,” a third agreed, cynically adding.

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Many people suspected that her husband was aware of what she was doing.

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