My friend and I had 3s0me with a girl in the dark but realized it was my younger sister the next day

It was Karma that caught up with a man who, with her friends, had a threesome with a stranger in the dark, only to realize much too late that the stranger was actually her own sister, whom he had supposedly ‘entered’ the night before.

The story is circulating online, and it appears that the distressed man shared it on an online platform where he sought solace in the advice of netizens and a professional counselor in order to permanently eradicate the shadow of the consequences from his inner self.

He claimed that he was in town looking for a hookup girl when his friend Romeo called him and told him to come over because he had already purchased one.

Here’s how he told Jentle Edd his story.

“When I got to the hostel, the light in our room was out. That signaled to me Remeo was already in action. The girl’s soft moans triggered my libido. My manhood was so hard and was ready to break anything.

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15 minutes later, Romeo came out to signal to me he was done so it was my turn. The room was still dark. I entered with joy. The girl was still lying naked. I descended slowly on her and tried to penetrate her.

She gave me a soft push on the chest and told me to let her relax for a while but my feelings couldn’t wait any longer, I ignored her. I finished my turn around 1:00 am. My friend came inside and we slept in the hostel together with the girl.

Early in the morning, I got up around 5 am to visit the washroom. I switched on the light to search for my phone and that was when I had the shock of my life. I saw my 17-year-old sister sleeping half-naked on Romeo’s bed.

I quickly left the room and called Romeo on phone to meet me outside. I asked him if the girl sleeping on his bed is the one both fucked during the night. He affirmed.

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Even though I knew it was her, Romeo’s confirmation made matters worse for me. He asked if I knew her somewhere. I tried to answer him but my throat was choked.

‘I’m dead, I’m dead, that was all I could say.

At that point, Romeo was also confused. He bombarded me with silly questions. I managed to let him know the girl was my sister. He was equally shocked when he learned the truth. He agreed to let her leave as soon as she wakes up.

I stayed outside until she left the hostel. Since that day, we never had a threesome again.

Thankfully, my sister does not know I had sex with her some time ago, but I still feel guilty anytime I see her”. He narrated.

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