“My father has accepted me as a cross dresser.” – James Brown

James Brown, a well-known Nigerian crossdresser, has gone wild on social media in response to those who have admonished his father for accepting him as a transgender person.

To commemorate his father’s birthday, the crossdresser recently posted pictures of the two of them in transgender attire on social media.

This sparked a backlash against his father on social media for embracing his son’s transgender identity.

James Brown has turned to his Facebook page to respond to the negative remarks and trolls that have been directed at his father.

He wrote; “So today is my daddy’s birthday. Happy birthday to my dad. God bless you. I love you so much.

I posted my dad on my page. This stuff has caused calamity on my page. The thing is you guys don’t seem to get it. Not every father is your father. Not every father is uneducated, ignorant, a hypocrite, uncivilized.

Now my dad is a medical doctor. Yes. So divorce happened. Affect my life and so on. I can’t kill myself. You get? You guys should not sit down and judge other parents. Your parents don’t love you or accept you doesn’t mean other parents don’t love their children.”