“My ex-boyfriend chopped adu safowaa and gave her Ghs 500, while i was getting Ghs 10,000” – Afia Schwarzenegger

Afia Schwarzenegger, the self-proclaimed queen of humor, former actress, and entrepreneur, has made another serious accusation against TV presenter Adu Safowaa.

In a recent interview with Abeiku Santana on UTV’s “Atuu,” Afia claimed unequivocally that Adu Safowaah is a liar.

Afia went on to say that if her family members hadn’t interfered, she would have taken Safowaa to court for posting pictures of herself naked on social media.

Remember a few months back when Afia Schwarzenegger and Adu Safowaa were embroiled in a hot incident in which Afia masterminded Safowaa’s imprisonment for revealing her nudity on social media?

But, after much thought and an apology from Safowaa’s family, Afia Schwarzenegger let her off the hook.

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Afia, on the other hand, does not appear to be sorry for her conduct, especially since she told Abeiku Santana that Safowaa slept with her ex-boyfriend in exchange for 500 cedis.

Watch a clip from the interview below.