“My Children Were Sacked For School Fees”- Nacee Cries As He Reveals The Inspiration Of His ‘Aseda’ Song

– Nacee shares personal details about his life and the challenges he faced
– Nacee’s tough times and deep conversations with God
– Revelation received during prayer time: being grateful for life
– Nacee’s contribution to Piesie Esther’s hit song, Wa Ye Me Yie

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Nacee Opens Up About Tough Times and Spiritual Inspiration Behind Hit Song

Ghanaian musician Nacee recently shared some personal details about his life and the challenges he faced that ultimately led to the creation of his hit song, “Aseda.” In an interview with Abeiku Santana on Okay FM, the gospel musician revealed that it was during these difficult times that he found solace in deep conversations with God.

Nacee explained that he had no family members to support him, and with an elderly mother dependent on him, he turned to God in anguish. It was during one of these prayerful moments that he received a revelation to be grateful for the gift of life, which is the greatest of all things. He realized he had been too focused on what he didn’t have while failing to recognize the significance of what was already in his hands.

“I sat down, and I was complaining, saying God, why? Because I have served him with my life. I even helped the needy when I didn’t have much. But when I need help, no one comes through for me,” Nacee shared. However, God drew his attention to the blessings he had already received, reminding him that what he yearned for wasn’t as significant as what he already possessed. “God Almighty, we always thank you for your mercies,” Nacee expressed his gratitude.

In addition to his own hit song, Nacee also revealed his involvement in making Piesie Esther’s famous track, “Wa Ye Me Yie.” He explained that he was the original composer of the song but felt that Piesie Esther was best suited to perform it. Nacee called upon some friends to help produce the unique rhythm of the track, resulting in a collaboration where he sang in Fante while Piesie Esther sang in Twi.

In conclusion, Nacee’s personal journey through tough times and his deep conversations with God have not only inspired his own hit song but also led to his contribution to creating another memorable track. His story serves as a reminder to be grateful for the gift of life and to recognize the blessings that we already possess, even in the midst of challenges.



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