“My boyfriend always wear my G-string panties, what should i do”– Lady seeks advice on social media

Auntie Momoza, a renowned social media influencer, and therapist has heard a woman’s story concerning her boyfriend’s unusual behavior recently.

According to the woman, the man wears her underwear, which he claims makes him feel quite at ease. She was perplexed as to how a straight man could have such an odd habit.

According to the unnamed woman,

“Hi Auntie Momoza. Please keep me anonymous. My boyfriend has this habit of wearing my undies. He says they are comfortable.

I told him I find it weird and he became distant. Now I’m forced to be okay with him wearing my undies because I love and miss him. My question is why would a man who is straight want to wear my g-string?”

See reactions that trailed the post;

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Dipotso Mokoatedi – Ask him to twerk for you once he put in that Gstring nonny.show him some support

Fortunate Mabasah – If he is wearing only when he is trying to act silly then it’s understandable. But if he is wearing them whenever you come around and he evn goes to makuleng wearing it. Then he is a cross dresser

Constance Mokoena – Next thing you know he’s going to scream and cry when watching horror movies,make him peel an onion if he cries then just know you’re the man in the relationship

Mphile Dasy – Don’t worry about it your bf is perfectly straight ❤🤷‍♀️ Do you know Drag Queens u should Google them but your boyfriend more like a cross-dresser he just like woman’s clothes u should support him your making him feel like theres something wrong with him and there isnt❤ it’s the same as man in late centuries wearing high hills or skirts his perfectly fine