“My bestfriend stole my boyfriend after telling me he’s not handsome” – Doyin

Doyin, a BBNaija ‘All Stars’ housemate, has revealed how her best friend kidnapped her partner.

The reality TV actress stated that her buddy, who used to make fun of her partner because he had a poor leg and limped while walking, ended up snatching her man away from her.

She revealed that her buddy would always discourage her from dating a man like him because she would always complain about him not being attractive or good enough for her.

Doyin was astonished to learn that they had surreptitiously begun dating behind her back.
The TV actress recalled the first time she took her bestie to her man’s place and introduced her to him. Following that, they surreptitiously exchanged contacts and began dating without her knowledge.

Doyin expressed her disappointment at the deed, but stated that the two are still in a relationship and have a son together.

“I’ve been betrayed before,” she explained. I used to have a best friend with whom I was really close. People used to refer to us as twins since we resembled each other so much. I had a boyfriend at the time, but she often discouraged me and told me that he was not attractive because he had a bad leg and used to limp a little. She was continuously making fun of his leg. I took her with me to see him at some point.

They swapped phone numbers without my knowledge. I was dating him, and I had no idea my best friend was also dating him. They are still together to this day. They do have a son together, and I wish them the best. However, I felt betrayed at the same time. That had a significant impact on my trustworthiness.”

Effah Gideon

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