"My Beautiful Wife Asked Me Out And Proposed To Me Herself"- Blind Man Reveals How He Married Despite His Conditions

“My Beautiful Wife Asked Me Out And Proposed To Me Herself”- Blind Man Reveals How He Married Despite His Conditions

It is natural that many people would wonder how Ademola Adeleke, a blind man, was able to continue attending regular schools despite his condition that requires him to have special attention.

Ademola Adeleke was born normal, just like every other kid, but as he got older, things took a different path when he turned 16, and it was discovered that he had glaucoma, which affected both of his eyes.

Soon after, the disease would progress to the point where it would make him totally blind at that tender age when he was supposed to enroll in university.

Adeleke, who is from Ibadan in the state of Oyo, on the other hand, did not give up on his dream of getting a degree and instead started taking steps to make it happen.

He decides to go to college and ends up getting a degree in Mass Communication from the University of Nigeria.

In a recent inteview with Legit.ng, Adeleke was asked how he was able to continue attending regular schools despite having a condition.

“It’s no big deal. I was a student who went to class and listened to the professors. I have been taught how to type using both a typewriter and a computer, and as a result, I am very proficient,” he said.

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When asked how he was able to read and study for his exams, he said he “take down notes into a tape recorder, listen to them when I needed to read, and for exams, the invigilator read out the exam questions while I typed out the answers on my computer.”

The young man, who is now 29 years old, went to work for the Oyo state government as a teacher soon after he finished college. He is a professor of literature in the English language.

“I have my textbooks and literature texts on my computer as e-books. So, I study them, go to the class, and teach the students. And if we need to write notes, I get one of the tall and smart students in the class to write on the board as I dictate the note, ” He answered when asked how he managed to teach his students.

Adeleke is also married to his stunning new wife. Adeleke told Legit.ng, much to everyone’s surprise, that his wife was the one who asked him out.

“The interesting part is that my wife asked me out herself.” I feel good about that. You know, a lady finds me attractive in spite of my disability. “

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the young man lavished praise on his wife, describing her as a dependable partner who always puts him first.

“She’s very dependable. Very playful too. When she’s with me, I feel safe and secure. Many discouraged her from dating me, but she paid no heed to them. She has a mind of her own, you see. She’s very reasonable too, and she always puts my welfare first. I married the best. Sincerely,

In his 13 years of living with visual impairment, Adeleke said it has never been easy. He lamented that many Nigerians treat blind people as less of a human.