“My auntie’s husband sleeps with me and also allows his d()g to lick my vjay”- 18 years old girl reveals (video)

During a live interview, a young lady named as Angela Amewu recounted how her aunt’s husband and his dog had s3x with her.

According to the 18-year-old girl, she used to live with her auntie and her husband in Lagos, Nigeria after they picked her up from Kumasi, but things soured when she began having sexual relations with her.

Angela said during an interview with Oyerepa FM that her aunt’s husband forcibly slept with her for a lengthy period of time and was once forced to sleep with a dog in the same house.

She continued by stating that she became pregnant for her uncle on three separate occasions and was forced to terminate all three pregnancies by the man.

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Angela said, “The sex she had with the guy and the dog became too much for her, and she developed such a strong desire for s3x that she couldn’t go a day without a man.”

Watch the video below.