“Musician mostly sleep with us when we go for music video shoots”- Video Vixen discloses

Some Ghanaian video vixens have given us an inside look at the challenges they face on a regular basis when filming music videos for musicians.

These vixens disclosed in an interview on Peace FM that some musicians make s*xual advances toward them and even forcibly sleep with them.

One of the studio’s vixens claimed that it is difficult for musicians (even married ones) to resist the enticement, especially when they are wearing swimsuits or twerking.

Another added that a bond is formed between them and the performers, and that every s*xual experience occurs only with permission, and that it may take months for them to give in.

This is the first time a female Vixen has publicly revealed some of the industry’s perverted musicians who prey on young girls seeking attention.

Take a look at the video for yourself.

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