Mother puts her child in a handbag to go out partying with friends on her birthday

A young mother who appears to be a teen posted images of herself and her kid. In these images, the young mother is wearing a black dress with a birthday ribbon.

The ribbon reads “happy birthday”, which may imply one of two things: it’s her birthday, and she wants to make the most of it.

She has a variety of alcoholic beverages in front of her which is not an issue because everyone gets to select how they want to spend their birthday.

But it’s the handbag she’s clutching in which she’s placed her tiny infant that started this photo trend.

It is evident from what she did with her infant that she intends to take the baby with her wherever she goes.

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It’s generally a good idea to bring your infant around, but what she did here is child abuse.

She’s drinking and partying with her child right next to her. Let us not forget that children require love and care.

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