Most women buy the cucumber for something else and not for cooking – Market women exposes

Social media is buzzing after a market woman’s video interview with went viral. In the interview, she discloses that cucumbers have gained popularity among Ghanaian women for unusual uses, such as self-gratification rather than eating.

The disclosure has sparked conversations on social media about moral female behavior and sexuality. The market vendor at Agbogbloshie has generated a lot of buzz on social media thanks to her open candor in a video interview with

According to the woman, the unorthodox uses for cucumbers have made them more popular among Ghanaian women than their nutritional value.

The market vendor claims that an increasing number of Ghanaian women are buying cucumbers for personal consumption rather than for use in meal preparation.

She hinted that these cucumbers are used for self-gratification in the bedroom during the interview with Nkonkonsa, though she did not state it outright.

The video has spread swiftly online, prompting a range of responses from astonishment to laughter to controversy among internet users.

Watch the video below;

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