“Most of the Gospel musicians are Hypocrite, they don’t practice what they preach” – Joyce Blessing

Ghanaian Gospel singer Joyce Blessing says she will rather move on and collaborate with circular musicians than collaborating with Gospel musicians.

according to her, most of the Gospel musicians do not practice what they preach, and most of them are more hypocrite that the circular musicians.

she said;

“Apart from some Gospel musicians refusing to work with me when I reached out to them, the lifestyle of most of them are nothing to write home about. They actually don’t practice what they preach.

“It is sad that your fellow gospel musician will stab you in the back when they should rather be there for you. At least, most of the secular artists I know are not hypocrites like the gospel musicians and I will choose any secular artiste any day.”

“I have in the past featured the likes of A.B Crentsil, Lilwin and the late Jewel Ackah on my songs and trust me, the impact I had was just marvelous.

“This is not to say I have not featured Gospel musicians on my songs but moving forward, with what I have observed, I think I will stick to working with secular musicians.

“I know some Ghanaians will have problems with that but hey, I don’t really mind if my aim is to win souls for God through these secular artistes,”

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