More photos of the 26-year-old lady who married her 44-year-old mother

Lolita, a 26-year-old lady, married her own mother, which drew a lot of criticism, but they both provided reasons to back up their decision.

The 26-year-old woman claims that her mother has been there for her since she was a child. She took care of herself without relying on anyone else.

The fact that she did not grow up with a father and that she has reached the level she has today is entirely due to her mother’s efforts.

“I love my mom so much and she is all I have”

She also stated that she does not want to be separated from her mother, which is why she chose to marry her mother and spend the rest of her life with her.

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“My mother is young and she knows how to make me happy in every aspect of what a couple do to be happy”

The 44 years old mother told reporters about her decision to marry her daughter: “My daughter was ready to leave the house if I refused to marry her. I love my daughter so much and I would do anything to make her happy”.

below are their photos;

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