"Money is not everything stop chasing it"- Gospel musician Jude Lomotey

“Money is not everything stop chasing it”- Gospel musician Jude Lomotey

Ghanaian gospel singer Jude Lomotey criticized the clergy of today for putting their own financial needs ahead of the needs of other people.

She argued that doing so compromises the gospel’s purpose. It follows that gospel singers should give up trying to succeed financially.

Jude Lomotey revealed that the early gospel musicians cared more about evangelizing the lost than making a profit.

“Why is everybody talking about money? Money is not everything oo. Back in the day, money wasn’t too much the focus when it came to ministering. Back in the day, when you go for programs, it’s the inspiration that what God has given to you is what you give out to people. So in my time, it wasn’t about money. It was about ministry. That is what my focus is.”

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“Yes, you need money to do all that. You need money to do all that but what I’m saying is that if money becomes your focus, you’ll use the sight of what God called you to do. You need the money, but it shouldn’t be your focus. Money is good. I’ll tell you money is good, but the root of it becomes evil,” Jude Lomotey repeated.

Jude Lomotey released one of her most well-known hit songs, Moko Moko B, twenty-two years ago while working with Class Mega Label.

She claimed that the church in Adenta was the source of her highest payoff; twenty years prior, it had given her the equivalent of Gh2 cedis.