Mona Gucci Blasts Naana Donkor After The Later Blast Ghanaian Artist for Not Giving Promoters Money.

Gyeon Onua TV Bribi Wo show host Mona Gucci has criticized Ghanaian influencer Naana Donkor, who is based in the United States, for her recent criticism of Ghanaian artists.

Recently, Naana Donkor came forward to discuss the issues facing Ghanaian musicians and the reasons why they are unable to arrange concerts abroad.

Naana Donkor observed that Ghanaian performers are reluctant to advertise their performances and other events abroad.

She revealed that Ghanaian musicians spend money on things like hotel rooms, plane tickets, and venue rentals but don’t advertise or market their concerts.

They believe their fame should sell the show, but in reality, they are not well known abroad, she claims.

After Fameye complained on TV3 that they do not receive support from Ghanaians abroad during their shows, Naana Donkor made this submission.

Fameye observed that Ghanaians do not receive the same support as Nigerians, whose fans schedule appointments to attend their performances.

In response to the situation, Mona Gucci attacked Naana Donkor.

Naana Donkor, according to Mona, was not promoted. She said that since most of Naana Donkor’s followers reside in Ghana, musicians don’t need to get in touch with her to promote their work.

Naana Donkor has numerous social media profiles, including more than a million Facebook pages. Additionally, she has long promoted events in the United States.

Check out the video below.

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