Moesha Bodoung deserves all that is happening to her – Brother sh0kingly reveals

We previously reported on the leaked tape of Moesha Buduong’s brother or PA alerting Salma about her sister’s wicked deeds.

According to Moesha’s self-proclaimed brother, Nelson, she witnessed something she was not allowed to see in one of her boyfriends’ residences and distributed the knowledge she was warned she should not share.

Nelson also claimed that Moesha did a slew of bad things, including paying bloggers to smear the reputations of some of her friends, backbiting, betraying friends, and more.

Nelson shockingly revealed that Moesha deserves everything she is going through because she has received so many curses from her friends and the wives of married men with whom she has slept and had affairs.

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Users on social media are surprised and perplexed as to why her so-called PA or brother would do such a thing to her.

below is a screenshot;

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