"Men Usually Think Successful Women Are Rude" – Gifty Anti

“Men Usually Think Successful Women Are Rude” – Gifty Anti

Oheneyere Gifty Anti has discussed the ways in which men think about and react to successful and self-assured women.

During an interview on Onua FM, she said that a lot of guys think that confident, successful women are rude. Oheneyere made the assertion that men feel hesitant in the presence of strong women.

“A strong woman scares every man. T hey keep saying they like this style, but when they see you getting better and stronger, they change their minds. Many people think that strong, self-confident, and successful women are rude,” she said.

“We all have different characters. So maybe poverty was suppressing their rudeness. And it’s in men, it’s in women. We’ve seen it all.”

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“We’ve seen people when they are low, especially political leaders when they are campaigning. After they secure power, they act differently. It cuts across both men and women. But some people are not changed by their situations,” Gifty Anti added.