“men in Ghana are sh0rt, that’s why my daughters aren’t dating a Ghanaian”- Stephanie Benson

Ghanaian males appear to be average in height, yet they are tragically inadequate when it comes to matching up with Stephanie Benson’s daughters.

The never-aging Ghanaian Queen of Jazz is the mother of five daughters and three sons.

Unfortunately, for anyone who pinned their hopes on capturing the hearts of one of the 5 girls, they have all attracted suitors.

On her Twitter feed, the pleased mother shared photos of her sassy daughters with their partners.

One reviewer expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that none of the partners were Ghanaians.

Stephanie spent some time explaining why no Ghanaian man was suitable for any of her daughters.

According to her, all of the wonderful guys the girls encountered in Ghana were short.

Her daughters are all taller than 5ft 8in, so she would not have been happy with a Ghanaian son-in-law.

According to a Google search, the average Ghanaian man stands at 5ft 7in tall, while the average Ghanaian woman is 5ft 2in tall. Stephanie Benson’s half-Caucasian daughters are clearly anything but “average.” For crying out loud, one of them is 6ft tall.

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