“Men are begging to break my virg!nity” – Actress Adokiye cries out

Adokiye Kyrian, a Nigerian actress and musician, has claimed that some men are out to steal her virginity because of the provocative dresses she posts online.

Adokiye Kyrian made a lot of noise on social media in 2018 when she claimed she was still a virgin.

In a recent interview, she reiterated this claim while clarifying that being sexy as an artist has nothing to do with her sexuality.

Adokiye explained to Sunday Scoop:

“Those pictures are completely professional. I am an artiste and creativity is part of my job. It is my duty to be 100 per cent professional and if my profession entails me posing sexily, I will do it because it is what I signed up for. Being sexual has nothing to do with my virginity. I am still a virgin and will remain so till I get married,” said the singer.

“I don’t know why people think the entertainment industry is immoral. It is a profession just like any other. Choosing to remain a virgin was a decision I took for personal reasons.

That I am a virgin doesn’t mean that those that are not are bad or that I’m better than them. I want to keep my virginity for my husband and that’s my personal decision.”

Kyrian emphasized the qualities she seeks in a man, saying:

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“I want someone that will understand what I do; someone that wouldn’t be threatened and try to bar me from doing my job. I want someone that will understand me like Jay Z understands Beyonce. He will have to understand that my profession doesn’t mean I’m a cheat or someone that is all over the place. I want someone that will love me selflessly for who I am. He has to be gentle, nice and God-fearing.”

She also discussed why female artists in the industry are not as successful as they should be. She stated:

“It’s not that female artistes don’t succeed; it is just that the people who call the shots in the industry don’t know that female artistes need more attention. On the global scene, female artistes are usually given a lot of attention and that’s why they (female artistes) always have more money than their male counterparts.”

The singer further claims that she does not believe there is sexual harassment in the entertainment industry.

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“I wouldn’t call it harassment. It is normal for a woman to get advances. It becomes harassment when you don’t handle the situation well and the way you carry yourself. I am a fine girl and a lot of people hit on me – some politely, nicely and others rudely. But that is to be expected,” she said.

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