Meet the woman who married her dog after 221 failed relationships – Photos

Elizabeth Hoad married her pet dog. Elizabeth decided to marry her dog after she had finally discarded men after four failed engagements and 221 unfortunate unsuccessful dates.

Logan, the dog, is six years old and was rescued by Elizabeth two years ago after being mistreated in his prior homes. The lucky dog ended up marrying Elizabeth.

“He the dog saved me occasionally,” Elizabeth told a surprised Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford.

After another unsuccessful romance, she chose to marry her dog after discovering the truth, which ended when she discovered her boyfriend had a wife.

She flashed off an engagement diamond that she claims Logan “gave her” before marrying the beautiful puppy live on air.

Instead of a ring, Elizabeth presented Logan with a diamond bracelet, which she wrapped around his hand during the ceremony. Wow, a diamond bracelet for a dog is incredible.

A marriage between a person and an animal is known as a human–animal marriage. This is a subject that has been discussed in mythology and magical literature.

There have been several tales from throughout the world in the twenty-first century of humans marrying their dogs and other animals. Although they are not always related, human–animal marriage is frequently seen in conjunction with zoophilia. Although national laws may not directly specify animal-human marriage, engaging in sexual actions with an animal is banned in many countries due to animal abuse statutes.

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