Meet the Nollywood actors who are Ghanaians but are making it big in Nigeria.

In Ghana, we have a number of brilliant and skilled actors who are building a name for themselves in the Ghana film business.

However, several of them have relocated from Ghana to Nigeria to cast films.

Some of the actors who are building a name for themselves in Nollywood films are listed below.

Mawuli Gavor is a Ghanaian accountant who became an actress, model, entrepreneur, and producer.

He was born in Accra, Ghana, and spent most of his adolescence in America, where he earned a degree in Business Management and Finance from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Mawuli is Martini’s brand ambassador, and this arrangement ensured that he would be the brand’s face not just in Ghana, but also in Nigeria.

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He has appeared in the majority of Ghanaian films and afterward migrated to Nigeria.

He has been in TV shows such as Hush and Royal Castle, as well as films such as Entangled, Chief Daddy, and others.

More lucrative contracts followed when Mawuli joined the cast of the “Hush” TV series after meeting the Mnet team, the show’s creators.

Mawuli has been nominated and awarded several times in Ghana and Nigeria.

Enoch Darko, also known as Watabomshell or Bombshell, is a skilled up-and-coming Ghanaian actor, comedian, and brand influencer.

He was born on December 31st and reared in Ghana. Mr. Bombshell made his debut in the entertainment sector after finishing second in the 2011 season two TV3 brilliant Kid program in Ghana.

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Enoch Darko began his career as a comedian in Ghana when he was young.

He has been in several Ghanaian films and then traveled to Nigeria, where he entered the Nollywood film business to showcase his God-given ability for acting.

He has also appeared in several Nollywood films, including Chioma My Love, What A Bombshell, Joro, A Trip to Ghana, and others. He has been nominated and awarded several times in Ghana and Nigeria.