Meet the man with the longest hair in the world together with his family (photos)

Benny Harlem is likely to be recognized from a mile away, not just for his keen fashion sense, but also for his exciting record-breaking hair.

Benny has progressed into the Guinness World Records 2018 as the champion Holder for Tallest High Top Fade with his stunning hairstyle upstanding on his head.

Benny spent a lot of time perfecting his 20.5-inch (52.0-centimeter) tall hairdo. He would spend up to two hours brushing his hair in order to appear presentable.

The father from Los Angeles, California, has bestowed his sparkling hair characteristics to his daughter Jaxyn. Many individuals, regardless of ethnic origin, have been inspired by Benny to accept and cherish their own unique identities.

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He rose to fame after sharing stunning pictures of himself and his daughter on Instagram, which drew a lot of attention. Benny, his wife, and his daughter are now renowned all over the globe for their “Hair.”

On Instagram, we saw pictures of him dressed in a beautiful African pattern, which we think is a Kente fabric.

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