Meet The Man who pretended to be deaf and Dumb for 62 years just to avoid speaking to his wife

Many people were astonished when it was discovered that a guy had pretended to be deaf and dumb for the past 62 years in order to avoid having a conversation with his wife.

Barry Dawson, 82, of Waterbury, Connecticut, has been married to his wife Dorothy, 80, for the past 62 years and has never said a word in front of her during that time.

According to the source, it wasn’t until recently that his wife discovered, via a YouTube video, that her husband had pretended to be deaf and dumb, causing her to file for divorce.

According to the source, the woman noticed a YouTube video and chose to watch it, only to find her husband joyously dancing and singing along to the song at karaoke in a pub.

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“When he was at home, he always pretended to be deaf.” “I didn’t understand anything until I saw a YouTube video of him performing at a karaoke night in a pub while he was supposed to be at a charity conference,” she explained.

Dorothy explained during the divorce hearing that she had to learn sign language in order to communicate with Barry.

Barry Dawson’s counsel indicated that he opted to appear deaf and dumb because his wife was “annoyingly talkative,” which could have damaged their relationship, therefore his decision to act in that way.

He went on to say that if he had spoken from the start, the marriage would not have lasted even two years.

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His lawyer stated that his client valued the relationship, which is why he has remained with her for the past 62 years and not because of adultery.

Dawson’s family members, interestingly, also thought he was deaf and dumb. Despite this, the couple raised six children and has thirteen grandkids, all of whom believed Dawson was deaf.

Dawson’s wife has decided to sue him and seek financial restitution for the ‘mental anguish and hardship’ caused by his lie.

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