Meet the man who hid the most expensive Mercedes Benz in Ghana for 35 years because of Rawlings

Saddick Adams, a Ghanaian sports journalist, has made a stunning announcement about a rich man in President Rawlings’ PNDC regime who bought a Mercedes Benz but had to conceal it for 35 years in a garage.

According to him, the man was one of the wealthiest businessmen in Brong Ahafo at the time, and his name was Alhaji Agyaa.

Since he was the first to buy such an expensive car in those days, the car was dubbed “Alhaji Agyaa Benz.”

However, after three decades of being hidden in a garage, the car was pushed open by some young people who were aware of the plot.

Even though former President Rawlings is no longer alive, the rich man is still alive.

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He said this in a tweet.

For those who grew in BA, this man was very rich and popular in the 1970-80s. He was the only millionaire who could acquire this Mercedez in the early 80s when JJ Rawlings was Military leader. Rawlings wanted to seize the car so the man made special metal garage to hide the car he’s still alive and healthy. Those days I remember when we pip through the garage to watch this car, we were told the car can flies it has machine gun. This man is a great man

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