Meet the hardworking mother who supported her son’s University education by selling Asaana

Patience Budu a single mother, has been selling ‘asaana,’ a caramelized corn drink, in Tema for the past ten years.
SVTV Africa is highlighting single parents who work menial jobs to support their families.

Miss Budu, as a single parent, works diligently to meet her children’s requirements, such as education.

” It’s not an easy task. I’ve seen my firstborn through the university and still taking care of the others. I lost my husband after our second child so I had to assume full responsibility for them,” she said.

Miss Budu revealed that, despite being married, she and her husband are currently living apart. ”It is normal,” she says. Now my work is my husband.”

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She went on to describe how she was able to sell “Asaana” in order to support her son in university.

Please see the video below for the entire interview.