Meet the beautiful dwarf model causing stir with her plus-size body

On social media, we have a lot of beautiful ladies who portrays as models, and ladies with dwarfism are never left out.

Dwarfism is a condition in which a person is low in stature due to a genetic or medical ailment.

Despite this, these diminutive ladies are not hesitant to show off their distinct personalities.

Jane Henny is a well-known dwarf slayer queen who, for some reason, opted to light up social media with her stunning images.

Henny is a model that takes her fashion seriously, is not afraid to dress seductively, and is comfortable in her own skin.

The lovely dwarf queen is a young woman in her twenties from the United States.

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She has almost 90,000 followers on her Instagram account, @itjusthenny.

below are her stunning photos;

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