Meet the 6 years old girl whose father has abandoned her because she is pregnant

The mother of this six-year-old girl has spoken out about the difficulties she and her daughter have faced. The mother claims that her daughter is sick and that this has caused her stomach to be big, but others claim that she is pregnant.

She said that the child’s father abandoned her once she discovered that the child’s condition was deteriorating.

Before her tragic difficulties, the young girl was already in kindergarten. People at the community assumed she was pregnant when her belly began to swell.

Doctors have already told her that she was suffering from a cardiac condition.

All of their money was spent on treating her, but she never improved. Her father’s predicament grew so intolerable that he pretended to go to work one morning but never showed up. He had abandoned his dying daughter and wife.

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However, they were discovered by a charity organization and a video was made about their plight. This film has been uploaded on the internet so that others might watch it and donate money to help them with their medical care.

People donated large sums of money contributed by decent people to save their lives, bringing joy to their hearts. The mother couldn’t keep her tears when she knelt to thank the Foundation.

she was relieved that her daughter would be healed and returned to her regular self.