Meet the 12-year-old girl who gave birth to a set of identical twins that made headlines.

We would accept that bearing an infant for nine months is a difficult task, and whilst they are in labour, the only one we can thank for their safe birth is God, our creator, and no one else.

Nowadays, children give birth without injury, while others suffer as a result of the humiliation they would face in society if they decide to end the pregnancy; however, I would stress that no matter where you are in life, you must never think negatively. 

A photo of a 12-year-old girl was shared in the famous Facebook group “Igbo Rant HQ (By Wisdom),” and this little girl gave birth to twins.

The lady can be seen lying down beside her two children in the photos, indicating that she has just laid and is getting some rest.

We have no one but God to thank for this little girl’s healthy delivery; a 12-year-old gives birth to twins; God is genuinely incredible.

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