Meet Rev Obofour’s beautiful Translator Kamsi who has gone viral for these pretty pictures.

  • Reverend Obofour’s interpreter has wowed the internet with some gorgeous images of herself.
  • On March 21, 2021, the young lady celebrated her birthday and dropped the images.
  • When speaking in church, she is known for her impeccable English and soft voice.

Kamsi, the charming interpreter of Anointed Palace Chapel (APC) founder and minister, has shocked social media with beautiful images of herself.

According to sources, Kamsi released the images on her birthday, March 21, 2021, and they have since gone viral.

One of the pictures shows the church’s lovely English-speaking employee glowing like she’d never seen her before with her lipstick and “Birthday Girl” sash.

Kamsi seemed to be beaming with joy in the photograph, which was taken within what seemed to be a breathtaking building.

Another shot of Kamsi showed her standing in front of the plush mansion’s doorway, dressed in a yellow Fila suit.

In another shot, Kamsi was seen wearing a purple outfit and accessorizing with a gold-cross belt, a wristwatch, and other accessories.

she performs on stage with the famous televangelist, Reverend Obofour’s interpreter is known for her impeccable English and calming voice.

She only appears in photographs while a church service is in progress, so these portraits of her are very unusual.

Many people have praised her as one of the best Twi-to-English translators in the world, as well as one of the few females in the field.

Kamsi: Meet Obofour's pretty translator who has taken over social media with her photos

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