Meet 60-Year-Old White Man Who Sold Everything, Relocated to Kenya to Marry 29-Year-Old Woman

Ciru Njuguna, a kenyan lady, is 28 years old and her husband Greg Twiss is 60 years old. They both say they are deeply in love with each other and are living their best lives together.

It does get to her when people say she is only after Greg’s money. She is not ashamed of her relationship and strongly encourages the general public to respect the rights of others to live their lives as they see fit.

Greg claims that after falling in love with her, he relocated to Nairobi, Kenya. According to a recent interview, he explained that he sold everything he owned in Germany and moved to Kenya in order to start a family with his wife. “We used to have a lot of conversations. We had been communicating for a long time before I made the decision to relocate here.”

Despite reports of Kenyan women defrauding White People, the man claims he was unconcerned about such stories because he was determined to be with Ciru.

Wanjiru shockingly revealed that her husband is three years older than her father. “However, the age difference does not bother me,” she continues.

The couple lives in Nakuru, Kenya, and they have been blessed with twin daughters who are about to turn eight years old. The man had three children from his previous marriage, which ended in divorce.

Ciru says she is accustomed to having derogatory remarks hurled at her by passersby, but some of them can be too harsh at times. “Some people believe I am a potential killer, Some remarks go under my skin,”

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