Married woman fights with a 19 years old girl, over fraud boy they are both sleeping with

A married woman and a teenage girl have fought over who has the right to date a cyber fraudster, also known as sakawa or yahoo yahoo.

According to one tweep, the couple met in town and decided to settle scores for eating the same manhood while they each believe they are solely entitled to it.

They began trading insults, and during the heated exchange, Faith (the 19-year-old) labeled the housewife a “little girl” who was not her mate because she appeared older than her.

The married woman, on the other hand, revealed her age as 31.

Here’s what the tweep shared;

”Housewife and lady fought in my street because of a 19yo Yahoo boy.

Housewife was dating the guy, guy was also sleeping with the lady called Faith.

Both met each other and started fighting. Faith called housewife a ‘small girl’ who is not her age mate.

Faith says she’s 28, housewife reveals she is 31 but Yahoo Boy is said to be just 19. They fought but were separated by neighbours.

Yahoo boy pushed them out, took his key and drove out.”