Married man collapses after having multiple rounds of s3x with another woman – video

A married woman has landed herself in trouble after extending help in the form of s3x to another married man whom she visited.

According to a video sighted, the married man collapsed after multiple rounds of s3x with the woman so help had to be called. The woman denied any allegations at her to be having something to do with what happened.

The woman explained that she is aware the man is married as she also made him aware that she is also married with kids. She explained that this was her first meeting with the man for about weeks of knowing each other.

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She went forth to begged eyewitnesses to allow her to go back home and take care of her kids since she had nothing to do with the man’s collapse aside giving him good s3x.

The man was quickly rushed to the hospital by his neighbours who rushed to the scene.

Watch video below: